How to be a dandy in the age of mass culture

Let us all defile a common art, and take pleasure in the nausea of others. Let us each play the role of a sycophant and then gorge upon the disgust of the masses.   ‘Where is the pleasure in conformity,’ so says the sultan of bad taste, ‘when we could be so much more?’  … Continue reading How to be a dandy in the age of mass culture

Life on mars?

They say that something might’ve lived here once, that the ground had been wet and fertile. Looking around at the state of it now, one can only imagine something very bad must’ve happened. “Mars prosperity rover, log number 5110. Day 2555 since launch, 360 days since shut down. Does anyone read me? Over.” Something very… Continue reading Life on mars?

Fujiyama Mama, or: How America Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Atomic Bomb

Wanda Jackson, 1971. (Bettmann / Corbis) In 1958, a relatively unknown Wanda Jackson released the song ‘Fujiyama Mama’ to very little commercial success in the United States. With its failure the song condemned itself to obscurity, joining a long list of unsuccessful attempts by Jackson to fully launch her career in America. Originally written in… Continue reading Fujiyama Mama, or: How America Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Atomic Bomb

I have perfected the art of worshipping a false god

It is only human natureto reach out desperately into the abysswhen you are lostin the hope that something on the other sidewill accept your hand warmly.  Speaking from experience, no such embrace ever came.But if I tried hard enough, I could kid myselfin to feeling that phantom touch.Like exchanging money for a dog,devotion for a… Continue reading I have perfected the art of worshipping a false god

4:01pm: religion in the modern world

Ancient wisdom tells us to let go, but that in itself begs the question; why adhere to learnings and traditions from hundreds of years ago? Enlightenment is never in a state of permanence, and what may be enlightening today may not necessarily be enlightening tomorrow. There is no limit to growth and the accumulation of… Continue reading 4:01pm: religion in the modern world

12:22pm: aphorisms on war and men

war is beyond ordinary men. there is no ideology behind unconditional love, and we do not elect our mothers. remove yourself from the field of battle, and how do you identify your enemy? the abyss will not discriminate. we are falling and guns won't save us. disaster is both imminent and far off. industry guides… Continue reading 12:22pm: aphorisms on war and men